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Monthly Archives: January 2016

You know every child starts with one pasta dish. Spaghetti right? It’s simple and easy to make. In fact I think I started to make it when I was only 8 years old. My Mom had a special way to do it.

She of course would use the noodles. But none of that whole wheat crap. Talk about ruining the pasta experience. My mothers secret though was the sauce. She didn’t even make the sauce. Yeah that’s right for all you Italian ┬áthat scoff about that just remember one thing.

You mother probably cheated once in a while too.

My mother didn’t have the time to make the sauce from scratch. She worked every day just like my father and did a damn good job raising all four of us. So she would improvise and I gotta tell ya, it was good. Probably better than any home made sauce. Well most of them anyway.

She would start with the “base” which was a sauce from a jar. Any one would do. Didn’t really matter except she wouldn’t add to it what was already in there. So if it was a five cheese sauce then she wouldn’t add more cheese. Understand?

She would throw this in a skillet and let it hear up while having another skillet cooking the hamburger. Man I love hamburger almost as much as I like pasta and when you throw them together, well it is heavenly.

She season the meat with a little garlic salt and then throw it in the sauce. She would add olives, diced tomatoes and sometimes mushrooms. She would never saute the mushrooms first. She, and I, kinda like them fresh as opposed to softened. She would let this all simmer a bit and then head to the fridge for the leftover bottle of whatever red wine she used the week before.

This was the best part. I know I already drooled over the hamburger part and even got sacreligious. Can’t a guy have more than one favorite part? Of course so let it be.

The wine would really pull out all the flavors in the sauce and give it a bold taste. My mother was like that in her cooking. Taking bold steps and living a little in the kitchen. Life is short right? Gotta make some noise and enjoy it a little.

We of course would have the garlic bread on hand and enjoy a delicious meal as a family.

That’s my first post as Pasta Daddy. Thought I would start with an oldie. See you at the next dish.