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Hey Pasta Daddy here with another topic of, you got it, pasta.

In my family the ongoing debate between different pastas was centered on rigatoni and penne. If you are unfamiliar with the difference, well shame on you! Just kidding.

Well Not really.

Look everyone should have at least a basic understanding of each style of pasta. It is like knowing your ABC’s or calculating basic math. You should just know some of it to show you aren’t a complete disaster.

But I will explain the difference for you since you obviously reading this and are too lazy to go look in up in your cookbook. Aha thought I was going to say Google eh? Well another thing I am obstinate about. Nothing works better than a cookbook. They took time and effort to print. Someone worked for hours perfecting a recipe. If you ask me if it took that much trouble then it is worth reading.

Rigatoni is known for its smooth texture and largest opening as a noodle, unless you went into shells which are much larger. One reason I always loved these noodles was that sauce and other little bits and pieces would get in the noodle and become part of each bite. Sometimes we would have beans in mixture and that was delicious as well.

Penne is smaller, almost a size of a pencil, and has diagonal cuts. It also features ridges along the noodle which you can actually taste in your mouth. Many of my family members like this over the rigatoni. They liked how it would go good with a red or white sauce and you can jam several noodles at once on a fork which it isn’t easy with rigatoni.

Which one do I like?

Rigatoni. Here’s why. Anyway to slow down my eating and let me enjoy my meal more it a good thing. ┬áRigatoni does this for me.

There you have it. What say you?

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