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Monthly Archives: June 2016

Hey Pasta Daddy here.

As you know I love my pasta. I also love visiting new places while I travel for work. Not just any places. Pasta places.

My previous trip recently was to St. Louis. I had to meet a roofing company who wanted some advice on some marketing. This guy was pretty well off already but he was trying to take it up another gear. I thought I could maybe help him out and try a new dish on my downtime.

I mentioned he is well off right? Well he sent to pick me up by a party bus rental. I mean really. It is just one guy. When I called him upon being picked up he just laughed and laughed. Thought it would remind me of prom or something. I do have to say it was a pretty nice party bus. TV’s and mood lighting. Had the whole damn thing to myself so I made the most of it.

He then had me taken right to a restaurant for lunch. Wouldn’t you know it, it was an Italian joint and that means pasta!

It was called Cunetto’s House Of Pasta. I was in love.

They had every dish imaginable and as I drooled over the menu I decided on their penne in meat sauce with asiago cheese. It was served with garlic bread and marinara sauce. Let me tell you – it was delicious!

It was so good we ate there 2 more times before I returned home. Time is too short my friends to not stop and enjoy a good dish of pasta.

Then do it again and again. In case you are wondering I am a lean 180 pounds.

Anyway I have a few other stories of other places I have tried. Stay tuned.