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Monthly Archives: August 2016

Hey fellow pasta lovers! Hope you are hanging out with the love of your life…..pasta that is! I wanted to share a little story about my parents and their move to Florida. How does this relate to pasta? Well no one and I mean No One can make a pasta dish like my mother.

Enough said.

Anyway my parents got a little tired of dealing the the long winters up in St. Paul Minnesota. They are harsh and while the summers are beautiful, they love the city, they decided to try something different. Plus they had several friends who were already in Florida they could connect with.

It was a monumental task getting them packed up and ready. They lived in that house for 40 years so you can imagine all the crap, I mean stuff, they had accumulated. Many things got tossed and they cut down a little on certain pieces of furniture.

After about a month they were ready to get moving and with my busy schedule they needed a trusted moving company. There are plenty of Twin Cities moving companies to choose from. We got a tip from a friend who used AAA Movers. Sure enough they were great from the first call.

They loaded the truck early and it was such a relief to have professionals handle it all. No sweat or aching muscles to deal with or doing the long drive.

My parents flew down the afternoon after they had the truck loaded and stayed with some friends. 4 days later the movers were there at their new place. I got there the next day to help with the arranging and unpacking.

They were really nervous at first making the big move but now they absolutely love it. Surrounded by good people with year round nice weather. They couldn’t be happier.

If you have parents who need a change of environment I suggest using movers. It is a big stress reliever!

In the meantime I am enjoying a meatball spaghetti dinner with my folks and I wish you a happy Sunday!